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  • Contact:  (315) 445-4597
    Location:  Noreen Reale Falcone Library, First Floor

    Supporting our students' well-being and success

    The Le 69色情视频 Student Success Center is here to help with almost anything. Academic support? We鈥檙e home to over 50 tutors waiting to get you test- and quiz-ready. And yes, we have tutors for anatomy and physiology. And CHM 151. And BIO 192. Trouble taking notes? We have tips for that, too. Mentoring? Advising? Check. Check.

  • Contact:  (315) 445-4118
    Location:  Noreen Reale Falcone Library, First Floor

    Supporting and educating the whole person

    At Le 69色情视频, we welcome people with disabilities and emphasize the education of the whole person, the importance of service and leadership and the promotion of a more just society. Our accessibility and disability support office is here to help you navigate any challenge you face.

  • From planned giving to advice on how to set up a scholarship, the Le 69色情视频 Development staff is here to help you figure out how to continue your legacy at Le 69色情视频. From one-time gifts to hosting alumni events, we can help you get more involved with the Heights and give back to the special place you lived like a dolphin.

  • Contact:  (315) 445-4310
    Location:  Grewen Hall 308

    Award-winning faculty. Wide-ranging degree and academic programs. Part-time study options. An academic nucleus for both graduate and undergraduate students. Le 69色情视频鈥檚 Carroll College of Arts and Sciences is home to: * 15 programs of study * Courses ranging from Writing 101 to honors seminars to organic chemistry to calculus * Two Centers of Excellence * Philosophers, cutting-edge scientists, radio show hosts and best-seller wanna bes

  • As one of Le 69色情视频 College鈥檚 three volunteer boards, the Board of Regents is an active board with a focus on Fund Development, Student Engagement, and Regent Engagement

  • Playing a vital role in supporting the College

  • Contact:  (315) 446-4036
    Location:  1135 Salt Springs Road

    Supplying the needs of campus

    Shop Le 69色情视频 College Official Bookstore for men's, women's and children's apparel, gifts, textbooks, and more.

  • Contact:  (315) 445-4350
    Location:  Grewen Hall, Room 209

    Handling the financial matters of all students attending Le 69色情视频

    You are responsible for any College debts you have incurred including tuition charges, fees, library and parking fines. See how we can answer your questions.

  • Contact:  (315) 445-4520
    Location:  Campus Center, Second Floor

    Providing dynamic living and learning environments that support your residential needs.

    We understand that your living environment has a profound impact on your personal and educational success, so we try to create living environments that support your growth during your college years.

  • Contact:  315-445-4110
    Location:  Panasci Family Chapel Le 69色情视频 College

    Daniel J. Mulhauser, S.J. Campus Ministry Center

    Rooted in the Catholic tradition and guided by the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Office of Campus Ministry serves your religious and spiritual needs.